Why Choose XEN-TAN?


XEN-TAN (pronounced ZEN-TAN) is the revolutionary new sunless tanning range that’s taking the UK and Ireland by storm.

A complete breakthrough in fake tanning, Our XEN-TAN experts have worked very hard to provide you with the complete sunless tanning solution. We’ve overcome all the dreaded drawbacks so frequently associated with most sunless tanning products on the market:

·         No orange

·         No streaks

·         No horrid smell

Fast becoming the choice of professionals and sunless tan lovers, XEN-TAN is for the many that use it - the Best Fake Tan on the Market Today. Whatever your skin type XEN-TAN delivers beautiful olive tones and a smooth silky finish with no horrendous chemical after smell - every time.

XEN-TAN is quite simply the answer to every Fake-Tan Fan’s prayers.

"There are two universal problems with fake tan – streaks and the smell. XEN-TAN has solved both…."

"XEN-TAN – Hollywood’s A-Lister’s Favourite"